The Red Wheelbarrow - Briony Stewart July 04 2014

They say a picture says a thousand words, well here’s a children’s book that does just that. The Author comments that this illustrative book is a visual interpretation of the poem The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams. The Red Wheelbarrow is a lovely, wordless tale about two children who come across a disused red wheelbarrow. The images show the pair playing, laughing, arguing and eventually compromising, sharing and caring for each other.  Something often missed in this deceptively simple, picture only book is the tale of a family of chicks which subtly unfolds on the left hand pages of the book.

      Sometimes, particularly with beginner readers there is such a focus on reading the actual printed words that comprehension of the story is lost. This book is a delightful tale and by encouraging your eager readers to ‘read’ their version of this story you are sparking their imagination and reminding them that stories are not just about words on a page.

      For parents: Read your own version to your child first and then invite them to tell you their version.

      For Teachers: Use as an opener to a discussion about images and how they help to tell a tale. Link to activity where the facilitator displays an image and each child is invited to write their own story about that image. For older children try selecting a favourite poem and attempt to illustrate it.

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      The Red Wheelbarrow
      Briony Stewart
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