Lifetime, Lola M Schaefer July 04 2014

Kids are renowned for asking the zaniest of questions and whilst this book won’t answer all of them, it will provide a delightful read for curious minds as they discover wondrous facts about some familiar animals. If only all fact based children’s books were as delightful as Lifetime.

All the intriguing animal facts featured are focused around a common timeline of a lifetime. How many holes will a woodpecker drill in a lifetime? How many babies will a seahorse birth? How many spots will a giraffe wear?

Don’t be mistaken, this is no ordinary fact based book, the playful text and illustrations make it a pleasure to browse. Each page spread opens to one simple animal fact and begins the text with the simple line, “In one lifetime…”. We’re particularly fond on the seahorse page which captivatingly illustrates 1000 seahorses (count them all if you dare!).

In one lifetime a caribou will shed 10 sets of antlers "

The book includes animals from all over the world including Caribou, woodpecker, rattlesnake as well as a Kangaroo. The final pages of the book give more detail to the facts and even provide a mathematical breakdown of the factual calculations in the most non mathematical way. You’re avid fact finder will be immersed in the math with enthusiasm! Enthralled.

Be careful reading this book – before you know it, you’ll learn something interesting and are likely to have a new appreciation for math.

For parents
This narrative non fiction title can be enjoyed as a family story time and will serve equally well as a read alone given the descriptive research notes at the end. A great addition to a home bookshelf.

For gift givers
The lovely illustrations and hard cover make this an excellent gifting book for ages 4+.

For teachers
A great title for classroom libraries as it caters to different reader levels and interests.


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Lola Schaefer, Christopher Silas Neal (Ill).
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