Nostalgia attack! Reminishing about books from my Childhood May 29 2015

If I let my mind wander, I often find it floating back to my childhood living room with its big mission brown bookcase which housed our families varied assostment of books. I can recall my Mothers romance novels, Virginia Andrews collection and a few hard-cover Jeffery Archer books. On the shelf beside, was Dad's impressive collection of sport related biographies, atlases and strangely enough, a decade old archive of White Pages.

However on the lower shelves, under the space dedicated to the now vintage wedding photos and rather tacky eclectica, is where the kids books lived. I can recall quite vividly the covers that lived in those shelves and all of them bring back fond memories.

But my experience of childhood bookish nostalgia is hardly unique. Many visitors to the Itty Bitty Book Van eagerly share similar, delightful stories and I'm always happy to indulge with them in this trip down memory lane.

Today, for no particular reason, I am feeling especially nostalgic. So I thought I'd share with you just a few of the childhood books that I can recall pulling from those shelves in the mission brown bookcase, which is actually still there, filled with bookish delights, in my parents living room.

In the images below, you'll notice that I'm not to ashamed to admit I had a roll on the Babysitters Club for quite sometime. However, despite my vivacious reading of this series, disappointingly no-one ever asked me to babysit. I can recall sneaky up to the fridge just to check if just maybe Chilly Billy was real and did actually live in our fridge. My Cat Likes To Hide in Boxes is strangely comforting to me and given its still in print, it was one of the first titles to hit the Book Van shelves. The idea of cats from around the world doing strange things seemed rather wonderful, perhaps my own love of travel started with this book?

Do you remember any of these? What books do you recall from your childhood?