Five Original Book Week Costumes created from Supermarket items August 04 2015

Each year around this time the school notice announcing the upcoming Book Week parade hits school/kindergarten bags. Stress immediately follows for the parents as figuring out what "bookish" costume creation can be produced so that son/daughter has something at the least wearable for the Book Week parade.

To ease the stress, we've complied this cheat sheet of five decent Book Week costumes you can pull together with items found at your local supermarket and around the house. If you're after award winning, costume creations - you're in the wrong blog. These are fast, fun and practical ideas for mums and dads who don't even know where the nearest Spotlight or Lincraft store is located. If time is not your friend, but you still want to embrace the goodness that is Book Week, then this cheat sheet is for you.

To create these five costumes you need only a large paper bag or collection of small paper bags, a balloon, a paper plate, cotton balls, a cereal box, an egg carton, some elastic, glue and sticky tape and a black texta.

1. Paper Bag Princess

Quite self explanatory, hit the paper-bag aisle and buy the big pack. Cut a hole for arms and head and then cut a crown from an old cereal box. Given that its Winter and super chilly, we suggest your budding princess bulk up with a few layers of thermals under their hand made, bespoke paper couture.

2. Noah Dreary

What kid isn't going to love carrying around his very own head for the day? Dress in usual clothes making sure the neck of your child's shirt can sit above their head. Blow up a balloon and drawn on some eyes a nose and a mouth. Feeling extra crafty? grab some wool or cotton balls and stick to the top to resemble hair. Before you can say Book Week - you'll have your costume sorted!

3. Pete the Sheep

Grab a few bags of cotton balls, a flattened cereal box, some string and an old hat and you're ready to craft up a Pete the Sheep costume masterpiece! Simply flatten a cereal box and then cut so that it will fit neatly enough onto your child's back. Next stick as many cotton balls on the card as you can bear. Use pieces of elastic to create holders that connect the cardboard to your child's shoulders so the 'sheep's back' doesn't fall off. To complete, ideally add a Fedora hat if you have one, but any other hat will likely suffice.

4. King Pig

Use a single cup from an egg carton to craft a nose and tie with a piece of elastic to secure. A cape or old blanket will suffice for a royal cape. A paper plate with a the centre removed works as royal neck rough and also can be used to craft a crown. Finally a broom stick or cricket wicket make an excellent staff for them to carry to finish the costume off!

5. Sam & Dave Dig a Hole

This one is so easy its practically cheating! A cap, a backpack, some gumboots and a shovel and you've got yourself one Sam or Dave. The ultimate Book Week Costume for the kid that refuses to dress up!


Ok if you've read this far I going to make it worth your while, so here's a bonus costume idea.

My Cat Likes to Hide In Boxes

Cut one of the stocking legs off and fill with scrunched up paper. Tie at the end to keep in. Use the paper plate to cut out two cats ears and attach them to a headband to make the cats ears. A touch of eyeliner will create some cats whiskers. Finally cut a hole in the base of the box creating enough room for your child to stand in and pull up to their waist. Use some elastic or string to create some braces between the box and their shoulders so they don't have to hold up the box all day long!