Isabella's Garden


A lyrical picture book which explores the growth and continual change that goes on in Isabella s garden.

Following the well known structure of The House That Jack Built, Isabella s Garden tells the tale of growth and seasonal change, beginning and ending with the seeds that slept in the soil all dark and deep and how they bloom and florish and ultimately lead to new growth. Told with great warmth, this is a comforting story about the cycle of life in its many forms.

Authors inspiration for the Isabella's Garden:

Glenda was inspired to write the story after an incident involving her mother-in-law, Isabelle. Isabelle was once a keen gardener but her eyesight was failing, and Glenda found her one day kneeling in the garden trying to feel if the daffodil bulbs were coming up. This greatly upset them both, and Glenda stared thinking about all the cuttings and potted plants Isabelle had grown and given away to other people. She remembered that the roses growing in her garden had been given the names of some of her loved ones who had passed away. She decided to write a story about a garden and the comfort that is had by understanding the cycle of life in its many forms

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