We are all Born Free


Children may have heard the phrase before, but probably never connected it to their own lives. This illustrated picture book brings the rich and complex theme of Human Rights alive in a deceptively simple way. The text - provided by Amnesty International - turns difficult concepts into comprehensible ideas. To make the book truly one of a kind, 30 internationally renowned illustrators have depicted each of the Articles of the Declaration of Human Rights as a pictorial story, turning abstract ideas into imaginative scenes that children can related to.

This edition contains a special introduction for children, as well as comprehensive notes for parents and educators on how to use the book with young people at home or in the classroom. It can serve as a supplementary text in History or Civics courses, to bring alive ideas which otherwise tend to remain abstract. Everyone who goes through the book will come away with a truly transformative idea: that the question of Human Rights concerns each of us.

This brilliant book contains a simplified text for younger readers and stunning illustrations from some of the world's most renowned illustrators. With books about children's rights increasingly demanded by schools, this book is needed in every classroom, and its beautiful presentation will lead to it being desired by every household. - Sunday Times UK, Book of the Week.

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